7 X Live Webinars

How To Actually Thrive Despite The Pandemic

Money-wise Or Otherwise!

Linda Reed-Enever

Founder, Business Business Business

Getting Media Ready For The Post Pandemic, 22nd September, 11a

Tima Elhajj

Founder, Tima Media & Consulting

Communicate Your Value Through Your Personal Brand, 26th September, 11a

Sharon Jurd

Founder, SMJ Coaching Institute

Build Your Business Fast Without A Lot Of Money, 24th September, 11a

Tich Gowora

Co-Founder, Business Authorities

Use Technology To Grow Your Business, 27th September, 11a

Johann Nogueira

Director, Business Authorities

Simple Steps That Build Business Empires, 23rd September, 11a

Darren Veerapa (CPA)

Director, My Tax Guy

Grow Your Profit - Even In Pandemic Times, 21st September, 11a

William Siebler

Founder, The Marketing Mentor

Words That Increase Revenue & Dominate Entire Markets, September 28th, 11a

Rahi Khondker

CEO, 7W Consulting

Grow Your Business Exponentially Using Joint Ventures, September 25th, 11a

September 21st - 29th, 2020 // 11:00 am AEST

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In this series of 7 daily webinars webinar, 7 of the sharpest minds in Australia will show you:

  • How To Thrive Financially & Grow Your Profit - Even In The Pandemic
  • How To Bulletproof your mindset - against all "COVID" negativity
  • How To Exploit Countless Opportunities - Online - That Cost Nothing
  • How To Find Powerful People That Want To Support You - From The Comfort Of Your Home
  • How To Craft Compelling Content That Attract Businesses That Actually Want to Spend - Even now
  • How To Create A Personal Brand That Compels Attention & A Higher Income
  • Which "Business Growth Tools" Are Still Working - even In Pandemic Times
  • How To Grow A Bona Fide Empire - Even Now
  • Live Q & A

Praise From Stakeholders

"Tailored to businesses that want to increase their exposure and sales."

-Stuart Coulthard

"Fresh & Unusual. I have not seen anything like this material. Good!"

-Paul Graham

"One instant we did not even have ads online. The next we were making sales. 300% ROI on everything. "

-Michael Stibbard

"Advice customised to my business."

-Adrian Willenberg

Don't miss this exclusive training - We will not be doing anything like this again

Linda Reed-Enever, renowned as the ultimate PR & Marketing Strategists (and with 20 years of experience), will share what the media can do for your business, what they are after - and where to find great stories!

Tima Elhajj, a highly sought-after branding strategist, will help you figure out who you are & how to powerfully communicate your personal brand. Learn the premium stuff for free - this time only.

Want to build your business - without losing the farm? And spending buckets - especially in these risky times. Sharon Jurd is one of the few coaches that specialises on this - here, to show you how to do it too!

Feeling a bit behind with all this tech - now that everything is moving online, fast? Tich Gowora will show you how to turn that weakness into a strength.

Building an empire isn't simple? Or is it? Yohann Nogueira will show the exact steps during his free presentation. This is NOT to be missed. See all business-growth myths busted wide open. Lose all your limitations.

To many in the world of Joint Ventures, Rahi Khondker does not need any introductions anymore. JV's magical powers to get exponential growth and vaporise all risks - at the same time? Yours, free, if you attend his session.

Is it possible to have your cake & eat it too? The only way to do that is to reduce your costs - strategically. Money then piles up, with less working hours? Darren Veerapa (CPA) ($1.9B managed for 1000+ clients) will show you exactly how to do that!