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> 4 Emails Offer That Brought Struggling Business To Success & Being Sought After By Investors In 6 Months

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These Emails Were Successful On A List That Had Less Than 10 People because of hyper-segmentation

A Collection Of Templates You Can Use Every Time You Need A "Cash Injection" Into Your Business + the marketing automation tool we used 



(This extensive & well-researched document are based on our tactics that have implemented $1.9 Billion in sales for the 1000+ businesses and individuals we have helped since 1997.)

“My ROI has sky-rocketed to new heights. 640%!! ..  
After a trying year of bad decisions and monetary loss, it's safe to say that THIS is one of the best decisions I've made professionally. I've told Darren he's a genius and I stand by that. Because to date, I've not met anyone who understands the itty gritty of marketing the way he does.  
640% ROI! It definitely exceeded my expectation by far.

Shimi N. - Consultant

Templates For All Skill Levels

Ever wondered whether a different email would have closed better paying clients and customers? The templates come with quick to digest instructions for busy owners. The tools we used cost as little as $100. And you do not have to possess the highest "IT-literacy" to understand these concepts. Or how to implement them straight away. It was written with "people-who-have-never-heard-of-this-before" in mind.

Templates Based On Statistics

If you want to take the guessing out of words that magically get commitments from clients that can afford you. These templates were designed based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in these templates were provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of email marketing, marketing automation and analysed statistics of what is working now in terms of converting existing and older prospects effectively. 

A Word From The Author

“The internet has been extremely bountiful to me.  I want to share this success and passion with the world. That’s what these templates are about. These templates alone will transform the businesses of fellow business owners & give them a life they are proud to have lived.”
Darren Veerapa