“Do you want a custom “Profit Increase” plan for you -From the most innovative CFO in Australia?
For FREE?”

  • From: Darren Veerapa

  • Melbourne

  • 29/06/19

Darren Veerapa

My Fellow Business Owner,


(Whilst your pdf is on its way) Let me explain why I am freely giving you this valuable information..


First of all, it will only take me 15 minutes, to show you some low hanging fruits (virtually immediate cash flow wins in your accounts) that most manufacturers don’t think of.


Because like everyone else, you have to be excessively focused on running your growing manufacturing business.


Fortunately for you, my job is to focus on other people’s business "profit-generating" processes.


                    And that includes the easiest ways of:



-Getting $1M in extra profits [without the additional work] from your accounts, using minor tweaks.


-Quickly automating the above process. To keep generating more reliable profits. Permanently.


-Whilst putting you rightfully back in control of all parts of your business. Just like it used to be.


-Where potential buyers will regret not buying a business as profitable as yours, in the future.


Personally, I find showing you these low hanging fruits, relatively easy - so there’s no catch. The reasons being:

  1. Making cash pile up in my clients accounts - has been my area of focus since around 1997
  2. To date, members of our team have increased revenues of businesses by over $1.9 Billion, by quickly plugging in strategic advice.
  3. We are already teaching the same “profit discovery” process to multiple manufacturing associations (e.g. Northern Food Group, Greater Dandenong City Council)


Whilst for legal reasons, I cannot promise you the same results as below (or any results for that matter):


- Smaller businesses are leaving an extra $720k in profit, on the table & we can now show you where (as per our business case)

- Our clients THEMSELVES save $1M in CASH, stock control alone & feel empowered to prove naysayers wrong.

- After this 15 minute conversation, business owners are no longer forced to just trust other people anymore. Because they can now see with their own eyes – what is really happening in their business.


[As opposed to SAP, our software does not cost an arm and a leg. Because, unlike our competitors, we are an asset – not a cost.]


As you can tell, our help can change businesses whilst making the owner a lot of money! Without disrupting the day-to-day!


Once I have shown you these hidden profits in your accounts, I will give you two choices:


-If you really love what we discuss (And everyone so far does), you are free to implement this “profit discovery” yourself – even using our competitors software. I will wish you well and that will be the end of it. 



You get to keep this new strategy for free.



                                           - Or, if you want our help -


I will organise a personalised demo about EXACTLY where the most significant profit impacts will be, in your manufacturing business. In detail. And this only takes minutes to show you:

  • Small tweaks to your processes – that cut off all waste permanently, increasing profits, without increasing your hours.
  • Changes that are so minor – good staff never complain but gratefully enjoy it
  • Where all details are revealed – even before you buy anything from us

*My own personal reason to offer all that for free?


>>I deeply enjoy doing it.<<


Otherwise, I would not have dedicated 21 years of my life to finding these instant gold nuggets, hidden in unsuspecting businesses.


[Besides, our research has already been propagated to a variety of Manufacturing Associations.]


My second biggest reason to help, is it’s a sure fire way to attract serious folks that are genuinely interested to increase their profits in a BIG WAY!


If you want these profit growth processes plugged into your business, I may then invite you to become my client. So we can implement everything smoothly for you.



Whilst the software has certain associated (but transparent) costs, this will not cost you anything. Strange, right?



That is because I expect you to make considerably more, even in the first year.


And, I can give you specific steps which will make way more than the cost of the software, during our first phone call itself – Absolutely free!


If for whatever reason, you find I have wasted your time, I will make it up to you by providing $200 worth of my best training on profit maximising to you!


                                                  For Free.


Unless I was supremely confident of my abilities, I would not give you something this valuable - without asking for a penny!


After all, we are one of the most respected business software provider in our segment for a reason.



[There are probably only 2-3 other software that can deliver these sorts of FAST results to any business -  I checked!]



If you would like to deal with people like us, you do have to meet our strict but reasonable criteria:


  1. You must be dedicated to improving your business’ profit
  2. No one likes lazy, get-rich-quick, wasteful mentalities
  3. You must have a reasonably good business already – but I don’t need you to be a market-leader or anything like that

                                     CAUTION - TIME IS LIMITED!
*Being a business owner, I am sure you can understand that I cannot sustain this way of operating for too long. I can only work with a handful of people at this rate.
As you can guess from the profit increases we deliver, the spots for this FREE 15 minute “profit discovery” discussion inevitably fill up  – REAL QUICK.
.. which means I can only keep this offer open for a short while.
If you feel this is what you want, 
click here to answer a few easy questions.

Please complete it and we will call you personally within the next 24 hours to schedule an appointment.
Chat soon,
Darren Veerapa.